Saturday 6 January 2018

Mcdonald’s 2018年推出全新食品

(大馬美食與新聞頻道6日訊)这个2018年1月份,Mcdonald’s 推出超多样全新食品!其中包括全新口味McFlurry!全新口味 Sundae Cone !全新口味Pie!除此以外Prosperity Burger 也回归了!

(大馬美食與新聞頻道6日訊)这个2018年1月份,Mcdonald’s 推出超多样全新食品!其中包括全新口味McFlurry!全新口味 Sundae Cone !全新口味Pie!除此以外Prosperity Burger 也回归了!一起来看看Mcdonald’s 2018年全新食品吧!

1)Red Bean McFlurry™U

Usher in the New Year with the NEW Red Bean McFlurry™. It’s the perfect balance of tradition, taste, and texture.

2)Green Tea McFlurry™

Bringing you back a taste of Japan in a deliciously, cool dessert. Enjoy the smooth taste of aromatic green tea swirled into our signature Green Tea McFlurry™.

3) Red Bean Flavoured Sundae Cone

A local favourite made into a smooth, luscious dessert. Enjoy a Red Bean flavoured Sundae Cone or red bean mixed with vanilla flavoured swirl! Either way, it’s a taste that everyone loves!

4)Red Bean Pie

The Red Bean Pie combines a golden, crispy crust with a taste that’s been loved throughout time. Treat you and your family to one today!

5)Prosperity Burger!

Let’s celebrate the New Years with the return of a familiar taste, The Prosperity Burger™. Juicy beef or chicken patty, with signature black pepper sauce, topped with fresh onions, all in warm sesame seed bun. Served with Prosperity McFizz™ and Twister Fries, it’s a combination that no one can resist!